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Hazrat Sharaf-ud-din Abdul Rehman Bulbul Shah laid foundation of Sufi culture of Kashmir in the year 1320 A.D. In the valley of Kashmir persons, who established through their actions and precepts,captivated the hearts of the people, called them to the true Religion and filled the hearts with the light of monotheism, faith, and devotion, Bulbul Shah stands taller among them. People called him with the appellation of the nightingale of Kashmir. Bulbul Shah sought allegiance to the renowned saint, Shah Nemat-Ullah Farisi Shirazi, of the Suharawardy Order who, in turn, looked to Zia Uddin-Ul-Najeeb Abdul Qahiri. Hazrat Syed Bulbul Shah was a great scholar, a man of letters, and a theologian. Besides, he had reached the lovely end in intrinsic and spiritual learning. He illuminated thedarkness of the hearts with the torch of the faith.
Hazrat Ahmad Sahab Macham Sirindi Abdaal (R.A) of Sheri Bhat Srinagar leads the way of Mujadidia Sirhindi order in the valley. This array has been derived from the official head of Naqashbandia order Hazrat Moien-ad-din Naqashbandi (R.A) to Hazrat Mujadid Alif-i- Sani (R.A) whose Astan-i- Aalia is in Sirhind Srief Punjab. Ahmad Sahab Macham Abdaal (R.A.) lived before 140 years at Sher-i- Bhat Alamgari Bazar. Ahmad Sahab Abdaal had 29 disciples; the well-known among them are Jenab Abdul Wahab Sahab of Khrew Shaar, born in 19th century , a blacksmith by profession, he has projected mysticism in his poetry. His “ MachTuler” and “ Meraj Nama” are considered his best poetic creations
Jinab Adul Rehman Bhat of Khrew, Jinab Abdul Rehman Lone of Khrew , Mir Gaffar of Kawdara and Jinab Waza Mehmood of Shore Gari Mohalla Nawabazar. Among them was a lady disciple namely Rehmat Ded of Theed Harwan, She used to present pure milk to his Master and one day WahabSahab asked to his Master about Remat Ded’s spiritual status , Ahmad Sahab shocked Wahab Sahab by opening his inner eye that could see the valid position of Rehmat Ded in Darbari Risalat(SAW)

It is believed that during Ahmad Sahab Macham Sirhindi Abdaal’s (RA) infancy, a Qalander appeared in front of his house and uttered something in a language that was unknown to his mother, but she only heard and understood“Ahmad, Ahmad”. She immediately brought his son before the Qalander who spat several times into his mouth.
Hazrat Ahmad Sahab Macham Sirindi Abdaal’s (R.A)mother failed to find the Qalander anywhere from that day and the Qalander was none but Mujadid Alif-i- Sani (R.A) who blessed the Infant by the nectar of Haq. In Sirhind Sharief Punjab, a street namely Macham Gali where his Master used to live and owing to this street Ahmad Sahab got the title Macham. In this regard one more story is coupled with evident that is during Ahamd Shab;s time manysufi saints of the same name were his contemporaries who had already put on view their presence in terms of Knowledge and miracles. Ahmad Sahab prepared a dish popularly known as Macham by virtue of his mystic power, the ingredients in the pot were cooked and as such the dish afterwards became popularly was named as Macham( Cooked rice with sugar and Ghee) and Ahmad Sahab got his Title Macham.
A Sufi considers all prophets and sages, not as many individuals, but as the one embodiment of God’s pure consciousness or the manifestation of divine wisdom, appearing on earth for the awakening of man from his sleep of ignorance, in different names and forms. Just as one’s own sub-consciousness would awaken one at a certain time, in the same way the consciousness of God is the agency for awakening His manifestation, projecting itself through different names and forms to accomplish His desire of being known. All these causes of wisdom are the manifestation of the one cause, Haq.
The first Astan-i- Aalia of Ahmad Sahab was built by Mir Gaffar, Mahad Sahab Bhat of Alamgari Bazaralong with Wahab Sahab. It was a simple structure and later it was reconstructed by Lal- Sahab. Waza sahab’s family and Thatroo family of Alamgari Bazar assisted Lal-Sahab in completion of the structure, and then it was modified in the year 2000under the supervision of Jinab Mir Hassan Haseen Subla , a Sufi poet who in his verses has mentioned “ PEER SHUBAN SHERI BHATNI WANA LOLO, 13 SHABAN NOUN CHEU AYAN LOLO” and Gulam Qadir Thatroo of Almagari Bazar.
Jinab Mir Hassan Haseen Subla first time introduced the Majlis of Katmat at Amad Sahab’s Astan-i- Aalia.People from all quarters used to come to participate on 13th and 29th of every Islamic calendar month. The people attending Majlis belong to different sects and as such a brotherhoodand common understanding among different factions of people has been a specialty at Ahmad Sahab’s Astan-i- Aalia
The shrine was gutted into ashes in 2005 and after that the shrine was reconstructed by Waqaf Board.
It is believed that Ahmad Sahab during his life time was in a habit to pay a visit to
Jinab Sheikh Abdul Saboor Sahab whose shrine is at Sathu Barbarshah Habakadal Srinagar Kashmir. The saint was a contemporary to Jenab Sultan-ul- Arifeen Hazrat Sheikh Hamzah Makhdoomi (R.A). There is no evidence as such whether Jenab Sheikh Saboor sahab was Murshid of Jenab Ahmad Sahab, but according to some sources Ahmad Sahab was associated with the saint by somehow.
Ahmad Sahab (R. A) Passed away on 13th Shaban in 1292 and spend his last days of life in the house of Gaffar Qawadari and later buried at Sheri Bhat Alamgari Bazar, where every year people throughout valley come to pay homage, especially form Khrew Shar where his famous disciple Jenab Wahab Sahab used to live. Ahmad Sahab’s two famous disciples are still remembered by the people for their powerful mystic poetry. Jenab Wahab Sahab has in particular mentioned in his poems the state of his Master.

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