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Meeting with Ahmad Sahab Machamee Abdal (R.A)
A legendary Sufi saint and a disciple of Mujadid Alif-i- Sani (R.A) AHMAD SAAB MACHAAM Sirhindi, Mursheed of famous poet of Kashmir Waza Mehmood lived the same period. When Rehmat wife of Wahab Khaar harked about the saint she travelled to him and explained the whole conditionand asked for help, Ahmad Saab Machaam replied, “It will take three years”. It was shocking Rehmat left the house of Ahmad Sahab Machaam sorrowfully, when arrived at home could not find her husband, she again left out for the seek and located Wahab Khaar all alone at the shore of Dal lake pelting stones and abusing people who pass by. He was wholly absent minded like mad wandering streets. The period of unconsciousness last for precise three years Rehmat confronted with so many difficulties in these passing years followingWahab Khaar everywhere.
Ahmad Saab Machaam said to his disciple Waza Mehmood, “Call Wahab Khaar” Waza replied, “My Mursheed he has gone mad, he pelt stones anyone who talk to him”. Ahmad Saab Machaam again said,“Call Wahab Khaar”, this time Waza Mehmood could not deny so went to call Wahab Khaar but was very afraid when reached he verbalize few words in murmuring voice, “Ahmad Saab Machaam is calling you”. When Wahab Khaar heard he did not utter a word and ran to Ahmad Saab Machaam.He had grown long hair and beard, Ahmad Saab Machaam ordered his disciples to bathe him, cleanse his clothes and cut short his hair and beard.While standing infront of Ahmad Sahab Machaam, Wahab Khaar got complete conscious back and acknowledged him as his Mursheed.
In another incident, it was winter time when WahabKhaar was invited for singing in a function held at Tral. Winter in Kashmir is chillier than ice; it is the time when Kangri (traditional fire pot) is found in everyone’s lap. Many people of the village were invited and Nambardaar of the village was also there in the function seated at valued place on a luxurious carpet. Mehfil-i-Samma was at its zenith when all of sudden Kangri in the lap of Nambardaar turned turtle and the hot burning coalfelled on the luxurious carpet. Nature of fire is to destroy by burning anything which came in contact same was anticipated, everyone was trying to collect back burning coal to save the luxurious carpet, but was impossible to save the entire carpet.Wahab Khaar did not stop singing spoke these below mentioned lines in louder voice:
Rehamkih Narehh, Satrindd Wareh
Aaz Kar Chareh Khudaya
Oh! Fire be merciful don’t blaze the carpet
Oh! God help us today
When burning coal was gathered back, it was obvious that the carpet has burned but Wahab Khaar’s miracle changed the whole ambiance, everyone present were astonished when they saw the carpet as fine as it was.
Wahab Khaar was a man blessed with great spiritual powers which he has demonstrated in every step of his life. He was wholly attached with the divine love; he was very popular among the followers of Sufism. He acquired great respect, honor and reputation among saints, poets, philosophers and writers of Kashmir.
Once Wahab Khaar was practicing his instruments accompanied by his disciples in a tree yard. Wahab Khaar was singing this Ghazal:
Ha Shair Sawaroo Kor Gasak Aakhir Tche Marun TChuie
Yee Tchuie Tche Elim Ti Meh Wantam Ti Meh Parun Tchuie
O! Lion rider where are you going, at end you haveto die
What you know, make me know, I want to know it
All of a sudden the great Kalander of time RAZAQ SAAB riding a lion came across; they were amazed seeing a man riding lion. Razaq Saab stoppedbeforeWahab Khaar let the lion to go and himself sat down beside Wahab Khaar. Razaq Saab started to smoke bhang (charas) and offered Wahab Khaar tosmell it. Wahab Khaarinhale and exhale smoke the bhang, his mind altered at the same time, he felt in love with Razaq Saab strong-willed to leave his Mursheed and became the follower of Razaq Saab.
When Ahmad Saab Machaam heard about it he got tempestuous with this doing of Razaq Saab, both became adversary of each other. Ahmad Saab Machaam could not let his dearest disciple go in thehands of any other Mursheed. He had yawning emotions and love for Wahab Khaar so he toiled hard to convey him back. Wahab Khaar remained follower of Razaq Saab for the next three years till Ahmad Saab Machaam brought him back to his service.
Kunras Kooneh Tchukh Vun Divaan, Wahab KhaaroTchukh Gam Hevaan
Kunras Peer Tareh Gam Meh Bar, Wantai Vess Yaar Vatemm Kar
Dil Heath Tchulum Su Dilbar, Wantai Vess Yaar Vatemm Kar
Why don’t you perceive the oneness, why are you bothered Wahab Khaar
You will across with the help of Mursheed, My dearwhen my beloved arrive
My love ran away with my heart, My dear when mybeloved arrive
A Mehfil-i-Samma was organized by the followers of Ahmad Saab Machaam. Mehfil was going well Peer-o-Mureed were heeding quietly. The Mursheed Ahmad Saab Machaam said to his discipleWaza Mehmood, “I need a glass of Milk”, Waza replied, “My Mursheed it is late night, it is not possible to fetch milk”. Ahmad Saab Machaam again said, “Bring some milk I need”. The disciples also replied in negative.
Wahab Khaar was asleep at his home Khrew Shaar abruptly woke up and called his wife Rehmat and said “Have we some milk” she replied in negative Wahab Khaar said her go to cow yard and get somemilk. Rehmat realized that something crucial is going on so she went and fetched some milk. After having pot of milk Wahab Khaar did not waste a second and left home in dark night to Srinagar where Mehfil-i-Samma was organized, at the time of crack of dawn he arrived knocked the door, Waza Mehmood opened the door and could not believe his eyes when he spotted Wahab Khaar at the door early in the morning before sunrise. All souls present there were speechless and stunned while seeing the spiritual connection of Mursheed with his disciple. Then Ahmad Saab Machaam said to his disciples, “He is Wahab Khaar my dearest and greatest disciple”.
Mursheedas Nish Sirr Bav To, Yee Suh Wanie Tie Apnavto
Thath Patch Kar Wahab Khaaro, Lokcharoo Yetie Rooztam
Pari Lagyoo Ha Madanwaroo, Lokcharoo Yetie Rooztam
Disclose the secrets before your Mursheed, What hesays apply it to yourself
Believe Wahab Khaar what Mursheed says, halt O! My childhood
I love you O! My darling, halt O! My childhood
Once Wahab Khaar got invitation from one of his disciples from Hariwan, who was facing some trouble and desired to say it to his Mursheed. WhenWahab Khaar arrived after having dinner the disciple said to Wahab Khaar that someone theft hiscoin container at home. Mehfil-i-Samma was going on Wahab Khaar was singing his Kalaams and suddenly sung few lines in louder tone:
Latie Hareh Lungun Nev Kami
Ammi Zooni Nevnam Bey Kammi
O! My friend who robbed the money
It is Zoon, who did it
Zoon was the name of daughter-in-law of the disciple, when she heard these words of Wahab Khaar, she sensed peril and worried because the coin container was robbed by her. At the time of dawn Wahab Khaar said everybody to go nearby Mosque to offer Fajar Nimaz. Wahab Khaar was all alone in a room when Zoon entered and acknowledged that she robbed the coin container, but the problem was that Zoon had spend money so few coins were missing from the container. Wahab Khaar kept the container with himself and asked Zoon to stay hushed. At morning when Wahab Khaar was leaving called his disciple and passed on the container back to the disciple. He was taken aback seeing the container in the hands of his Mursheed, while leaving Wahab Khaar said tothe disciple, “I am in need of few coins so I took it without your permission”. Disciple replied, “My Mursheed it is all yours whatever on earth you wishto take you can without my authorization.


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