°•. °•. °•.♥♡ ( ķάĻάм έ şħέίķħùĻάĻάм ) ♡♥.•° .•°.•°

Posted: March 18, 2013 by kashmirsufis in Kalam e Sheikhulalam
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The Day when soul wilt flee from my furnace.
All, my akins wilt assemble around me.
carrying wilt they be my corpse for laving.
Wailing wilt they be my adieux.
Wrapped wilt I be wet in a shroud.
Virtue and vice wilt I be carrying.
Alone wilt thou be left in a field – desolate.
O, me.
Buried wilt thou be under soil-abundant.
Forget not thy abode-eternal O, stupid, me.
Innumerable people have crossed this thoroughfare.


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