Excellence Of ReadiNg Awraad-e-Fath’hea

Posted: August 26, 2013 by kashmirsufis in Miscellaneous

SHah WaLiuLLaH MuHaDdiS DeHalVi(rehma’tullahe’alay’he) iN HiS BooK Al Intiba Fee SaLaasiL Awliya’ALLAH wRitEs AbOut AwRaaDe FaTheA :-
Read AwrAade Fat’heA AfTer ObLigaTeRy PrAyErS. ThiS AwRaaD (LiTaNy) iS CoLlEcTeD FrOm BeAtiFiC SaYiNgS oF 1400 AwLiya’ALLAH. From ThEsE AwLiYa’ALLAH eVeRy WaLiULLaH hAs ATtaiNeD ThE ViCtOrY By OnE ‘KaLiMa’. AnY pErSoN wHo rEaDs tHe AwRaaD daiLy wiTh FuLl inTeReSt, wiLl FeeL PuRiTy and BeaTifiCaTiOn AnD The PeRsOn wiLl GeT BLeSsiNgS & LiGhT FrOm ThE SaiNtHoOd(WiLaYaH) Of 1400 AwLiYa’ALLAH!..


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