Bitterest Enemy

Posted: November 16, 2013 by kashmirsufis in Sayings
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“Verily, your bitterest enemy is your self which is contained by your flanks, having been created an enjoiner to evil, inclined to mischief, and a dodger of good; and you are under orders to fight it and make it worship your Lord by force, chasten it by worship and by leaving desires. And if you neglect it, it strays and rears up and takes control of you, not giving you the reins after that. If you persist in chastising and admonishing it, it might respond and rise to the rank of the accusing (reproaching) self; then if promoted from the accusing self, it becomes the contented, and joins the servants of God, satisfied and fulfilled.”
– Imam al-Ghazali
[Ihya, Book 38]


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