Titles Of Mehboobulalam given by His Mureed Mir Baba Hyder Tulmuli (noorullaha marqadahu)

Posted: December 18, 2013 by kashmirsufis in AWLIYAE KASHMIR

HazRat Mir Baba Hyder Tulmuli (qadasallahu sira) Called His Murshid (Sultanularifeen) With innumerable Titles, Some Of them Are mentioned below :-
Ya Awliya’ei
Ya At’qiya’ei
Ya As’fiya’ei
Ya Ghous
Ya Qut’bei
Ya Ghousus Saqalain
Ya Qutbul Qawnain
Ya Sultanud DaAraYn
Ya Ghousul Aalamen
Ya Qutbus Saaliheen
Ya Ghousul Azam
Ya Mehboob-ul-alam
Ya Makhdoomul Azam
Ya Sultanul Aarifeen
Ya Sultanul Waasileen
~Chil’chilatul Aarifeen~


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