Abul Fuqara Baba Naseebud Din Ghaazi (qadasallahu sira noorani)

Posted: December 27, 2013 by kashmirsufis in AWLIYAE KASHMIR
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Baba Naseebud Din Gazi born in 997/ 15 69,he was one of the prominent Sufis of kashmir. Baba Daud Khaki initiated him into the Suhrawardiyyah order and appointed him as his Khalifa. Baba N Gazi was always on the move along with â group of about 400 disciples. He would not spend more than two days at one station. His disciple Baba Daud Mishkati, himself â distinguishe Faqih of his time, writes that although seven to ten cows and about three sheeps were slaughtered daily for the upkeep of his kitchen(Langar), he never tasted meat. Instead, Baba Sahab subsisted on vegetables. He didn’t either take fruit or taste sweetish things. His only dress was â black blanket that was ragged and often required mending.The mission of Baba Naseebud Din Gazi was the welfare of the people. Wherever he went he constructed Masjids, bathrooms and toilets. Whatever gifts and Nazr were offered to him were immediately spent for thepublic good. The entire period of his life was spent in the rural and remote areas of kashmir. Baba N Gazi didn’t even touch the money which was offered to him by the people, instead it was expended for charitable purposes including repairs of Masjids, public baths and toilets. Once â person came to present some cash as Nazr to him, but so averse was he to the idea of money for his personal comfort that he got annoyed with the visitor when in the course of picking hands â coin touched his sleeves. He asked Baba Daud Mishkati to bring somewater and washed his hands, arms and sleeves. Baba Daud Mishkati said that for this dervish money is totally contaminated.During his extensive travels in the valley, BabaNaseebud Din Gazi met with several Sufis belongingto different orders, particularly the Muslim Rishis. Wrote Nurnama which is full of information about his meetings with the Rishis. He also visited Ladakh. The entire period of his life was spent in the rural and remote areas of kashmir. Baba Gazi passed away on 13th Muharram1047/ 28th May1637AD. Thepeople of Srinagar and his several Khulafa desired that he be buried near the tomb of Sultanul ArifeenShaikh Hamza Makhdum, but they had to give in against the wishes of the inhabitants of Bijbehara where his tomb continues to be â great centre of pilgrimage.The saint Baba is said to have cared for the poor throughout his entire life. Legend goes that in his Darbar daily thousands of poor were served food and other necessities and whenever he was out, he was accompanied by thousands of followers. Whenever he reached any particular place, his followers used to beat Drums to call people for construction of Masjids and other public works. distinguished trait of Baba Nasib’s social behaviour was his extremely tolerant attitude towards the non- Muslims. Baba Nasib’s sayings, according to Mishkati, are many. His Nurnama bears the stamp of his scholarship piety. According to Baba,  MOMENT’S REALISATION OF THE PURPOSE OF CREATION WAS BETTER THAN  THOUSAND YEARS OF WORSHIP. One who really knew the truthwas superior to lakhs of such Zahids as merely resorted to extreme asceticism like subsisting on wildherbs, grass and leaves. Baba linked such ascetics to donkeys and cows. TO LIVE FOR THE WELFARE OF THE POOR WAS  VIRTUE AND  KEY TO THE REALISATION OF ULTIMATE TRUTH….by sir tanveer hayaat bijbiharaa.


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