Spiritual Wayfaring

Posted: January 28, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Miscellaneous
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Sidi Ahmad Ibn ‘Ajiba al-Hasani (radiya Allah ‘anhu) said in al-Mabahith al-Asliyya (p. 10):
The conditions of spiritual wayfaring are eight:
1. To possess a sound intention,
2. To possess unmitigated truthfulness,
3. To possess well pleasing manners,
4. To possess purified states,
5. To safeguard the sanctity of one’s Shaykh,
6. To serve others with excellence,
7. To elevate one’s spiritual resolve and
8. To see one’s spiritual tasks to completion.
Its proprieties [adab] are five:
1. To shun blameworthy qualities,
2. To possess humility and brokenness,
3. To strive in preferring others over one’s self,
4. To keep the company of the pious gnostics and
5. To exert one’s self in obedience and invocation.


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