Hazrat Shah Asraarud Din wali (rehmatullahe alyhe)

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☆☆☆Hazrat Shah Asrar-ud-Din Wali(Rehmat ul lahe Allah)☆☆☆The Second Gous-ul-Azam Hazrat Shah Mohd
Asrar –ud-din Is a sleep in a corner of the
attractive and charming Chowgan in Kishtwar.He
Lived only for Eighteen Years but in his short
mundane life he performed great tasks and
lighted the hearts of numerous people with faith.
He trode on the footstep of Hazrat Gous-ul-Azam
and provided valuable help to his father in
preaching the faith. The writers have described
his miracles so much that appearance of
superhuman phenomenon seems a common
affairs. Very Writers have dwelt upon his daily
routines and way of preaching. In reality Shah
Asrar-ud-din was a born saint whose heart was
full of inspired knowledge. A small ray of his
mystic knowledge made saints out of petty
people and as evidence of his sainthood,
inanimate things began to talk of the greatness
of God and Prophethood of the great Prophet
(Peace upon him).His blessed personality
changed the condition of frustrated people and
helpless ones, who had been afflicted with
worldly affairs.Influnced by his care for the
poor,redressal of grievances and listening to their
woes a large number of people converted to
Islam.In the ranks of his devotees non muslims
were seen among the followers in that era of
disturbances.His shrine is called Darbar-e
Asrariya Or Astan-e-Payeen.His annual Urs is
celebrated on 25 th of Katak Corresponding to
9th .or 10 th of Noverber.It is a holiday in Doda
District while on the Urs of the Shah, That is
20th June government offices remain closed in
Hazrat Shah Mohd.Asrar-ud-din was born of
Shahzada Bibi in about AD 1667.His detailed life
story and miracles have been recorded in Razat-
ul-Arfin of Peer Zia-ud-Din Zia kishtwari.
(By Aseer Kishtwari)
Bhandarkote Cave
There is a small cave at Bhandarkote just above
the Bhandarkote bridge over chinab river.Sheikh
Zain-ud-din wali Rehmat ul lahe Allah is believed to have stayed in it
for many years.The sheikh who hailed from
kishtwar later moved to kashmir.Bhandarkot is
about12 km from kishtwar town…


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