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One of the leading experts of Hadith research in India-Shaykh Allama Usayd ul Haq Asim Azhari Quadri Badayuni collected numerous examples of Textual Manipulations {‘Tahrif’} of the Wahhabiya –Salafiya in modern times. Among these manipulations is their extremist and anti-Islamic policy of changing and deleting the Hadiths mentioned on the topic of ‘Ziyarat un Nabi’ ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~ in the authentic and famous books of past scholars.
One such example mentioned by Allama Usayd ul Haq Badayuni is the publication of ‘Kitab ul Azkar’ of Imam Nawawi from ‘Dar ul Huda, Riyadh’ in 1409 A.H in which they have changed the wordings of the Chapter and its contents! The page 295 of this Salafi edition of ‘Kitab al Azkar’ is a proof of this ‘Tahrif’!
Imam Nawawi- an ardent lover of the Beloved Rasul-Allah ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~ named the Chapter as ‘Fasl Fi Ziyarat Qabr Rasul-Allahi wa Azkaruha’ which can be seen in all the other editions of ‘Kitab ul Azkar’ and its numerous manuscripts through out the world. But the publication house ‘Dar ul Huda’ changed the word ‘Qabr’ with ‘Masjid’ and removed the words ‘Wa Azkaruha’ and re-named it as ‘Fasl fi Ziyarat Masjid Rasul-Allah’!
This textual manipulation also shows their hatred towards the visitation of Madinah Munawwarah with the intention of visiting the Beloved Rasul-Allah ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~
Moreover, they even changed the contents of this Chapter. Imam Nawawi writes:
“It should be known that whoever completes Hajj, it is better for him to visit Rasul-Allah ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~ whether it is on his wayor not in his waybecause visiting the Prophet is the most Important means of gaining Nearness {‘Taqarrub’} from numerous other acts, the most Beneficial among other struggles, and the most Meritorious {‘Afzal’} amongst other wants.”
The Wahhabi-Salafi publishers changed it as follows: “It should be known that whoever intends to visit the Masjid of Rasul-Allah ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~, it is Desirable {‘Mustahab’} for them to recite excessive ‘Salat’ {‘Durud’} on him.”
The Publishers have not stopped at this ‘Tahrif’ only, but also removed the Faith boosting Hadith of Sayyiduna Utabi. The Hadith which they removed is as follows:
Sayyiduna Utabi’ states that: “I was sitting near the Grave of the Prophet when a Bedouin came and said, “As Salamu Alayka Ya Rasul Allah (Peace be upon You O Prophet). I have heard an Ayah of the Holy Quran… “If they had been unjust to themselves……” Therefore, I have come to you to seek Forgiveness for my Sins and make you as ‘Shafee’’ (Interceder) before my Lord. Then he said the following couplets…
Ya Khayra min Dufinat BilQaai’ A’zamuhu
Khata min Teebihinna al Qaau wal Akamu
Nafsil Fidaau li Qabrin Anta Sakinuhu
Fihil Ifafu wa Fihi il Judu wal Karamu
(“O! The most superior person to be buried in this land, Due to whose fragnance the grounds and hills got perfumed. My Life be sacrificed on this Grave in which you are resting, In this is chastity and in this is generosity.” …….’ Utabi’ says: ‘After saying these couplets, the Bedouin returned and I slept. I saw the Prophet in my Dream who was saying, ‘O Utabi! Go and give Glad-Tidings to that Bedouin that Allah Almighty has Forgiven him!’”
Imam Nawawi mentions this Faith enlightening incident in ‘Kitab ul Azkar’ and can be seen in all the famous editions of this book, but the Salafi publishers have deliberately removed this Hadith because of they could not accept and endorse such love of Sahaba and Tabiyin which they say is ‘Shirk’!
They did this textual manipulation because it proves the following:
i. It is correct to address the Beloved Rasul-Allah ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~ with the word- ‘Ya Rasul Allah’ even after his Death.
ii. It is correct to travel to visit his noble Grave.
iii. It is correct to Supplicate (Make Dua’ at his Grave.
iv. It is correct to seek the Forgiveness of the Prophet apart from the Forgiveness of Allah Almighty .
v. It is correct to Plead and Request the Prophet to seek one’s Forgiveness.
vi. The Supplication (‘Dua’ asked at his Grave is accepted by Allah Almighty.
vii. The Beloved Prophet Listens and Seeks for our Forgiveness when requested.
viii. It is correct to make the Prophet as a ‘Shafee’ (Interceder) in our worldly lives.
ix. It is correct to recite Eulogies (‘Naat’ at his Grave.
x. The Beloved Rasul Allah is Alive in his Grave!
They hold that all the above ten Beliefs and Actions to be ‘Shirk’ and claim this Hadith promotes and validates ‘Shirk’! But, they forget that this same Hadith is also mentioned by the famous Sunni Ashari scholar whom the Salafiya also admire and revere – Imam Hafiz Ibn Kathir in ‘Tafsir Ibn Kathir; 1: 532’ !
The above incident is not the only one on the immense blessings and rewards which one can achieve by ‘Ziyarat un Nabi’ ~sal Allahu alyhi wa sallam~, Another incident which collaborates and authenticates the above Hadith of Sayyiduna Utabi is mentioned by the great Muhaddith, Imam Daylmi in ‘Musnad al Firdaws’ as follows:
“ Ali said, ‘A Bedouin came to us 3 days after the Burial of the Prophet. He rubbed himself on the Grave of the Prophet and threw sand from the Grave of the Prophet on his face and recited this Ayah, “If they had been unjust to themselves, had come to you and begged Allah’s Forgiveness, and the Messenger had begged Forgiveness for them: Indeed, they would have found Allah All- Forgiving, Most Merciful.” And said: ‘Ya Rasul Allah! I have been unjust to myself and have come in your court, You seek Forgiveness for me.’ A Voice came from the Grave that, ‘You have been Forgiven!” {Tafsir al Qurtubi; 5:265}
This same incident is also mentioned in ‘Tafsir Madarik ul Tanzil (1:36’ by Imam Ahmad bin Mahmud Nasafi Hanafi and in ‘Shawahid ul Haq; 87’ by Imam Yusuf bin Ismail Nabhani Shafai’.
Why Did they Do This?
This is an important question one must ask for themselves; and what forced them to change and manipulate the books of Hadiths in order to suit their beliefs and doctrines. Surely, the reason is clear to the men of intellect and knowledge, they are wrong in their Beliefs and Doctrines and the books of Hadith clearly refute them and their false claims… what can they do except to change the Books of Hadith itself! This is not the only case of Textual Manipulation {‘Tahrif’} done by the Wahhabiya-Salafiya, numerous other Hadiths have been deliberately removed or changed to suit their heretical beliefs while the English translations of Tafsirs and Hadith books published by them are full of them, the details of which shall be Insha-Allah presented soon in another article.
The Jews are known to have done the same with their religious books as mentioned in the Holy Quran, and such actions of the modern Salafiya is indeed blameworthy and anti-Islamic. May Allah Almighty save us from their Heresies! Amin!
Was Salam,
Basharath Ali Siddiqui Hanafi Ashrafi,
Ahl us Sunnah Foundation,
Hyd, India.

Advice of ameere kabeer from Letter no 11

Posted: August 19, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

Lop off the bough of desire and appetite for, It is like a lamp that is about to extinguish. Pull up the roots of the tree of greed, For it is short lived and bears no fruit.

Advice of ameere Kabeer from Letter number four

Posted: August 19, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

One who opts for this earthly life, Will mix with the earth. Ignorant, he doesn’t know What is in the earth. Evert life represents the face of a liberated soul, At evert step you take is over the head of a prince,(at every step is skull of a prince) Who will aspire to befriend this(transitory) world? It has been faithful to none, how can it be faithful to us?

Advice Of Ameere Kabeer from letter no. 13

Posted: August 19, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

It is deadly route, think of your (ultimate) destination, Seek a way out of this irksome task. Do not get engrossed in the worldly pleasures (because), Death is near, prepare yourself for it. Why remain unmindful of the inevitable, day and night? Be firm in performing good deed right now, After death you will be fully in chains, motionless and Such a man can hardly perform any action, hence do what you can in this world only.

One who willingly opts for the pain (in love) of his lord, His face (bears testimony to the state ) of his heart. One who is familiar with his Lord (king) Shall bear on His forehead the imprint of his glory. One whose eyes are blessed with the Divine Light, His countenance glows with the Divine Light. If you want from your ‘Friend’ (Lord) a penetrating eye, Then there is no choice but to suffer pain (day and night) If you aspire for Light, burn your heart like a candle desires, Only great men of action sacrifice their lives for their Lord, The Lazy dare not tread on this path, O gullible ! If you dare not step on this straight path, Then, at least, be a follower of those who have chosen it.

Advice By Ameere Kaabeer From Lettter No. 18

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Sovereignty lies in tasting the truth,
Not in grabbing the world by force and ill will.
Everyone has been given his share in this world,
But he alone is rich who attains the pleasures of the next world
If you want to achieve the throne of prestige in this world,
Discard the worldly power and be with those who offer (true) prayer.
If a hundred worlds are in your possession,
Your property is what you earn for the next world ;
Whether you are a slave or a free man,
Do not Look at what you are not supposed to;
When in this world you don’t make efforts to achieve success,
Then how can you be among the faithful confidants
On the Day of judgement.

Advice from maktubat e Mir syed ali hamdani (rahimahumullah)

Posted: August 4, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

Every breath in this world is a life time investment,
And you are unaware of this truth.
Like an intoxicated man you live here,
Fully entangled in the short lived joys and glamour of life.
Surely you will have to leave this world, and
Know that this ephemeral world is only an illusion.
O worshipper of your desires! Ponder(over it).
These ephemeral pleasures are naught againist(the blessings of the) eternal life.
So try to acquire provisions for the journey (hereafter).
Where everyone will be on his own (helpless);
Those who are after worldly pleasures,
Like a donkey in a miry place they are drowned in the mud
Therefore, do not pride yourself on worldly pleasures,
and do not foolishly ignore the hereafter (so that),
You do not have to suffer the torments of the grave;
Your sensual desires have cast a veil around you,
If you overcome these desires, the curtain will be Lifted !