Advice from maktubat e Mir syed ali hamdani (rahimahumullah)

Posted: August 4, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

Every breath in this world is a life time investment,
And you are unaware of this truth.
Like an intoxicated man you live here,
Fully entangled in the short lived joys and glamour of life.
Surely you will have to leave this world, and
Know that this ephemeral world is only an illusion.
O worshipper of your desires! Ponder(over it).
These ephemeral pleasures are naught againist(the blessings of the) eternal life.
So try to acquire provisions for the journey (hereafter).
Where everyone will be on his own (helpless);
Those who are after worldly pleasures,
Like a donkey in a miry place they are drowned in the mud
Therefore, do not pride yourself on worldly pleasures,
and do not foolishly ignore the hereafter (so that),
You do not have to suffer the torments of the grave;
Your sensual desires have cast a veil around you,
If you overcome these desires, the curtain will be Lifted !


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