Advice By Ameere Kabeer from Letter No. 14

Posted: August 19, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings
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One who willingly opts for the pain (in love) of his lord, His face (bears testimony to the state ) of his heart. One who is familiar with his Lord (king) Shall bear on His forehead the imprint of his glory. One whose eyes are blessed with the Divine Light, His countenance glows with the Divine Light. If you want from your ‘Friend’ (Lord) a penetrating eye, Then there is no choice but to suffer pain (day and night) If you aspire for Light, burn your heart like a candle desires, Only great men of action sacrifice their lives for their Lord, The Lazy dare not tread on this path, O gullible ! If you dare not step on this straight path, Then, at least, be a follower of those who have chosen it.


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