The Scholars on Nalayn Nabiy

Posted: September 24, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Miscellaneous

Imam Ahmad al-Maqarri al-Tilimsan
Notes from Imam Ahmad al-Maqarri al-Tilimsani’s voluminous book on the Radiant Sandal of the Prophet, May Allah shower peace & blessings on Him
In Arabic the Prophet’s sandal is known as ‘Na’l al-Nabiiy.’
The Prophet’s sandal is an amulet full of bliss, peace and serenity. At time of stress and grief one should place it on their heart and eyes for its luminous effects.
It is a cure for the ill, pathway to relief for those in anguish, healing for the pregnant woman at time of birth, strong against the evil eye, and a symbol of security and protection for ships at sea, property from loss, house from burning, caravans from hostile attacks. People would use the Sandal image for the aforementioned reasons and also for a means of achieving immense blessings in the stations of this world and the hereafter.
From those who drew an image of the blessed Sandal, approved its miraculous blessings and served it from the Hadith Masters were Ibn Asakir & his student Badr Fariqi, Hafiz Zayn al-Din Iraqi & his son, Imam Sakhawi and Imam Suyuti from the east. It is well known that the following scholars of Morocco were foremost in drawing the image (Ar. Mithal/Naqsh) since they did not have the real thing, Ibn Marzuwq, Abu Bakr Ibn al-Arabi, Hafiz Abu al-Rabee’, Hafiz Abu Abdullah bin al-Ibar, Ibn Rashedd al-Fahri, Ibn Jabir Aashi, Ibn al-Bara al-Tuwsi, Abu Is’haq al-Undlusi. Ibn Asakir took it from the Moroccan Ibn al-Haaj and all hadith scholars thereafter took it from him.
The tribe of Ibn al-Hadeed preserved the Sandals and then they were kept in Jami’ah Ashrafiyyah, Damascus. Moroccan travellers such as Ibn al-Rasheed came to Damascus and drew images to take back for the people.
May Allah enlighten their graves with His light and reward them for their efforts.
The attention given to the noble sandals is not an innovated matter.
Imam Yusuf al-Nabhani
Verily I serve the image of the Sandal of Mustafa . That I shall live under its shadow in both worlds.
[Sa’d] Ibn Masud was in the service of His Sandal. And I am fortunate by serving its image.
I dust the Sandal image with the whiteness of my beard. Since the Prophet fastened the band that passed between His toes.
It is not for the image that my heart is longing. Yet it yearns for the one who wore this Sandal.
We are lowered by awe to honour this Sandal. And whenever we lower before it we are raised.
So place it on the highest shelf! For indeed in reality it is a crown and only outwardly a Sandal.
Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami (1414-1492) – The Great Naqshbandi Sufi Scholar and Poet
Tanam Farsooda jaa para
Ze Hijra Ya Rasul Allah
Dillam Paz Murda Aawara
Ze Isyaa. Ya Rasul Allah
My body is dissolving in your separation
And my soul is breaking into pieces. Ya Rasul Allah!
Due to my sins, My heart is weak and becoming enticed. Ya Rasul Allah!
Choon Soo’e Mun Guzar Aari
Manne Miskeen Zanaa Daari
Kunam Ja. Ya Rasul Allah!
When you pass by me
Then even in my immense poverty, ecstatically,
I must sacrifice my soul on your blessed sandal. Ya Rasul Allah!
Ze Jaame Hubb To Mustam
Ba Zanjeere To Dil Bustam
Nu’mi Goyam Ke Mun Bustum
Sukun Daa. Ya Rasul Allah
I am drowned in the taste of your love
And the chain of your love binds my heart.
Yet I don’t say that I know this language (of love). Ya Rasul Allah!
Ze Kharda Khaish Hairaanam
Siyaa Shud Roze Isyaanam
Pashemaanam, Pashemaanam,
Pashemaanam. Ya Rasul Allah!
I am worried due to my misdeeds;
And I feel that my sins have blackened my heart. Ya Rasul Allah!
I am in distress! I am in distress! I am in distress! Ya Rasul Allah!
Choon Baazoo’e Shafaa’at Raa
Khushaa’I Bar Gunaagara
Makun Mahruume Jaami Raa
Daraa Aan. Ya Rasul Allah
Ya Rasul Allah! When you spread your hands to intercede for the sinners,
Then do not deprive Jaami of your exalted intercession.


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