~ Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal’s love for & Tabarruk from Prophet’s Hair ~

Posted: September 25, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Miscellaneous

– Abdullah bin ahmed(son of Imam Ahmed) says :
“.. I saw my father holding a strand of the Prophet’s hair (peace be upon him), and he placed it on his mouth kissing it, and I know, I saw him placing it on his head or his eye. Then he dipped it in water and drank it, seeking cure from it. I saw him taking a bowl of the Prophet(peace be upon him) which Abu Ya’qub ibn Isma’il ibn Sulayman ibn Ja’far sent to him. He washed it in a cistern of water, and then drank from it…” (1)
– While narrating ,how he was flogged ,Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal says :
“…So I was dragged off and my outer garment was removed. I had a hair from the hair of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the sleeve of my shirt,so Ishaaq ibn Ibraaheem turned to me and said, ‘What is this small pouch?’ I said, ‘A hair from the hair of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him),‘ some of them rushed to tear the shirt away from me, (but) al-Mu’tasim said, ‘Do not tear it.’ So it was taken off and I think that the shirt was not ripped off because of the hair….” (2)
– Hanbal narrated that, “One of the sons of al-Fadl ibn ar-Rabee’ gave three hairs to Abu Abdullah(Ahmed bin Hanbal) whilst he was in prison, and said, ‘These are from the hairs of the Prophet (peace be upon him).’ So Abu Abdullah(Imam Ahmed) instructed at the point of death that a hair should be placed upon each of his eyes, and one upon his tongue. So that was done when he died.” (3)
~ Imam Bukhari’s love for and Tabarruk from Prophet’s Hair ~
” Imam Bukhari had the hair of Prophet(peace be upon him) with him , which he had kept in his clothes . ”
[ Muqaddimah Fath ul Bari , 1/505 ]


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