Real Prayer

Posted: October 3, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

Our Mentor Crown Of Awliya’ALLAH OF KASHMIR AMEERE KABEER MIR SYED ALI HAMDANI (radiallahu taala anhu) Said:-
O friend! Prayer is a goblet of bounty, the radiance of which illuminates the hearts of the special ones. It is the light of a true believer’s heart. When he offers prayer it enlightens his heart and enables him to observe the Supreme light of of the sphere of omnipotence in the mirror of the world(as Qur’an says) ”We will soon show them Our Signs in farthest regions and among their own peaople”(26:88). He (a true believer) becomes capable of recieving warm welcome in the celestial world. He annihilates his self and is immersed in his Lord. This in fact is a true prayer. But one who is engrossed with the worldly pleasures and sensual desires, his prayer is nothing but a ritual. When such a person offers prayers he keeps standing and bows down as a matter of routine, and recites Sura Fatiha, without being conscious of its meaning. In fact while performing the pre-requistites of the prayer, his thoughts are dominated by selfish desires
~Epistles of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani radiallahu anhu~


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