Die before Your Death

Posted: October 26, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Kalam e Sheikhulalam

Paanas TouLuk Paanay Aasakh
Paanay Paanas Aasakh Door
Zinde ay Marakh Ma’rith Lasakh
Choen De’nay Muarifat Sudoor
Dei Yud Kaasakh Cxhe Ad’e Aasakh
in’nahu Aleemun Be’Zaate’s Sudoor. !!
When thou be in introspection of thy soul and psyche.
Thou wilt emit the fluorescence of thy stature.
Die being alive existent wilt thou be after death.
Divinity shalt thou be granted.
If thou kill thy idol-carnal, thou shalt Last Forever.
As alone He knows the secrets of thy Heart.


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