Hazrat Baba Payamuddin alias Baba Rishi (rehmatullahe alayh)

Posted: November 21, 2014 by kashmirsufis in AWLIYAE KASHMIR

The dargah of Hazrat Baba Payamuddin, more popularly known as Baba Rishi, near Tangmarg in the Baramulla district, is one of the major Sufi shrines of Kashmir. Baba Payamuddin Rishi is said to have been born in 1411 C.E. and to have been the son of a nobleman in the court of the ruler of the principality of Chander Naugaon in Lar in Ganderbal, in northern Kashmir. As a young man he joined the court of the prince as a minister. One day, while riding a horse, he came across an army of ants busily carrying tiny specks of grain in their mouths to their home to store for the oncoming winter months. The scene struck the Baba most forcefully, suggesting to him that while these little creatures were making such preparations and were taking such pains for their future, he himself had not given the life to come after death any thought. So moved was he by the sight of the ants that he gave up his post in the prince’s court and came to Baba Shukruddin’skhanqahat Wular, staying in his company for two years, training on the Sufi path. Later, in 845/6 A.H., Baba Shukruddin sent him to Baba Zainuddin Rishi at Aishmuqam.
As Baba Zainuddin Rishi’s disciple, Baba Payamuddin Rishi underwent a long period of training in the Rishi-Sufi path, after which his master instructed him to travel to thevillageofRanbuh, in the Bangal pargana. This area is said to have been thickly populated by devils and ghouls who would harass the local people. Baba Payamuddin Rishi, it is said, drove them all away and spread Islam in the area. After staying here for many years, he shifted to thevillageofHaji Balnear Tangmarg to propagate Islam there. Baba Payamuddin Rishi spent the rest of his life in the thickly forested area of Tangmarg, dying there at the ripe old age of seventy-seven in 1472 C.E..


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