Some other muslim reshis

Posted: November 21, 2014 by kashmirsufis in AWLIYAE KASHMIR

Some Other Kashmiri Muslim Rishis
Hazrat Baba Shukruddin was a disciple of Hazrat Sakhi Baba Zainuddin Rishi. After training in the Sufi path under Baba Zainuddin Rishi, he was sent to Sherkot to preach among and serve the people of the area. One of his principal disciples was Shaikh Baba Nang Rishi, who was guided to him by the female Rishi, Sanka Bibi. After Sanka Bibi’s death, Nang Rishi sat on hergaddiat thevillageofBahto. He renounced all his wealth, giving up even the cloak (khirqa) that he used to wear. He is said to have been so fond of the company of wild birds and animals that twice every day he would spread out a table with food for them to eat from. Baba Luda Mal was another disciple of Sakhi Baba Zainuddin Rishi. He is said to have encouraged his followers to earn their livelihood through cultivation and to spend their earnings on the poor. Shaikh ‘Abdul Latif was a renowned Sufi of this period who had taken to the Rishi path. Among his chief disciples were Baba Ladi Rishi and Shaikh Nuri Rishi. Baba Ladi is said to have fasted continuously for twelve years, breaking his fast every evening with a handful of hot ashes and bitter salt. Nuri Rishi is said to have earned his livelihood by working in the fields, spending his earnings on the poor and the faqirs and in constructing bridges and inns for travellers. Ladi Katur, a disciple of Baba Latifuddin Rishi, maintained a free community kitchen for the poor.


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