Sheikh Haadi Reshi (rehmatullahe alayh)

Posted: November 28, 2014 by kashmirsufis in AWLIYAE KASHMIR

Among the Crores of Disciples of SultanulArifeensheikh Hamzah Makhdoomi radiallahu anhu across the world. One was Hazrat Haadi Sheikh (rehmatullahe alayh) who was very pious & God fearing man from his childhood. He was in search of Murshid(spiritual Teacher) to reach his ultimate goal and he reached everywhere for this cause. It happened one day while he was sitting in Khana-e-kaba & yearning for the Spiitual teacher, he heard a divine voice who said to him, ‘O Haadi reshi your Murshid Sheikh Hamzah Makhdoomi rematullahe alayh) is in Kashmir. Just after he heard the divine voice, he packed his important things and rushed from Makkah to kashmir. While on his way, everday a great man appeared to him, who guided & helped him during this blessed journey towards Kashmir. When Hazrat Haadi Reshi (rehmatullah alayh) arrived in kashmir & Saw his eminence Sheikh Hamzah Al-Makhdoomi (qadasallahu sira) and recognized him. He confirmed the Great Sheikh(makhdoomsahab) is same person who appeared everyday during my journey from makkah to kashmir and used to ask about my state!!!. After that Shaikh Hadi(rahimahumullah) took the Bayah and became his disciple and achieved his final goal. ( Asrarul Akhyaar :Taarikhe Hasan)


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