Posted: December 25, 2014 by kashmirsufis in Prophet

Shaykh Abu ‘Abdullah al-Bakki said in Sharh al-Hajibiyya:
“Both the spelling and form of this name [Muhammad] contain subtle spiritual allusions. With regards to its spelling, the letter mim may be said to represent the mim in the loftiest Malakut [sovereign realm] while the ha’ is for the life [hayat] and protection [hifz] that the Exalted Pen had written for him; and the [second] mim represents the inner Malakut in the outward Mulk [dominion], followed by the letter dal, which represents permanence [dawam] and connection that efface any imagined individuation and severance…With regards to the form of this name, it takes the appearance of man: the first mim is the head, the ha’ is the arms, the second mim is the stomach, and the dal is the two legs.”


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