Amazing Incident of Zayd Bin Haritha : The Blessed Servant and Son

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Abducted by the tribe of Banî Qayn, the young Zayd ibn Harithah was brought to the Ukaz Festival to be sold. Eventually buying him for four hundred dirhams was Hakim ibn Hizam, who then offered him to his aunt Khadijah RA. Upon seeing the young boy for the first time, the Blessed Prophet SAW said: “Had I been the owner of this slave I would have certainly emancipated him!” “In that case he is yours”, said Khadijah RA, hearing her husband’s words. The mercy of all worlds, the Noble Messenger SAW then immediately set him free from slavery. [Ibn Hishâm, Ibn Saad]
Agonized by the abduction of his son, Zayd’s father was in the meantime looking for him everywhere. After a long search, by some information passed on to him by the returning pilgrims, he found the traces of his son in Mecca, to where he immediately set out with his brother. Finding the Prophet SAW not long after, he informed the Prophet SAW of his intention to take his son back and of his willingness to pay the required ransom, appealing to him to be merciful and quoting a reasonable price. But the Blessed Prophet SAW had something else in mind. “Can we not find another solution for this?” he asked them. “What other solution is there?” they replied, thinking the only way for them to regain custody of Zayd would be through paying his ransom out of the slavery they supposed he was still in. “Let’s call Zayd here and leave him free to decide between me and you”, said the Messenger of Allah SAW. “If he chooses you, then you may take him without paying anything. But if he prefers me, you have to understand that by Allah, I can tell someone wanting to stay with me to leave!”
Both Zayd’s father and uncle were elated with the suggestion of the Prophet SAW, commending him for his kindness and generosity, confident that Zayd would choose them, after which they could leave Mecca with him without having to pay any ransom. The idea that he might choose to stay never crossed their minds. But the words of Zayd proved them wrong: “I swear by Allah, I will not prefer anyone over you! You are like a father and mother to me. My preference is to remain here with you.”
When his father and uncle showed their disappointmentsover his choice, Zayd said: “I have seen such extraordinary things from him that I could never possibly prefer anyone over him. I will never leave him.” Moved by Zayd’s loyalty, the Prophet SAW took him by the hand to the Kaabah where he proclaimed: “My fellow people! Bear witness that Zayd is now my son, he shall inherit me and I shall inherit him.” Zayd was thus officially adopted by the Prophet SAW. The great honor conferred upon the young Zayd was a reason for relief and happiness for both his father and uncle as they returned to their hometowns with their hearts at ease. [Ibn Hishâm, Ibn Saad]
Zayd’s brother Jabala ibn Hârithah RA narrates another version of the story: “I went to the Messenger of Allah SAW to ask him to send Zayd with me. ‘He is here. If he wants to go with you I will not stop him from doing so,’ he said. But Zayd did not accept my request, telling him: ‘I will never prefer anyone over you.’ Much later I understood that my brother Zayd had greater wisdom than I.” [Tirmidhî]
[The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect SAW – Osman Nûri Topbaş]


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