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Asalamu Alykum wa rehmatullahi wabarkatuhu

Allah with the name of the most gracious the most merciful

Today I am gonna talk about a very famous religious custom of Kashmir called “


. In fact both on different occasions are having different names but there are many widespread works of ahlus sunnah in those occasions. Providing before I will proceed let me tell you a few days ago in a cab I was listening a lecture from deviant who is well respected by youths of valley for his oral transmission and art of waaz khani, the so called mr MUSHTAQ VEERI, during unorthodox rains in valley people of ahlus sunnah in different parts of valley performed Sasras,even though I don’t know the meaning of this name but I believe its well according to guidance of Quran and sunnah and calling it act of biddah by veeri is an evidence that this guy is simply misguiding the people of Kashmir.

Acts during sas ras

1.people gather

2. Do niyaz of foodgrains

3. prepare food of commons.

4. do dhikr and salah

5. eat food

6 and do prayer to stop unseasonal rains and droughts

Although this act is not mandatory or obligatory, but it permissible you can say naful in its essence.  But how much its beneficial lets have a look according to quran and sunnah.

Quran says

Laiysa alaykum junah an takuloo jameeyan aw ashtata

Surah NOor v 61

You do not have any vices if you eat within gathering or independent

So there is nothing wrong if we consider Quran for this act like this so why to listen somebody who is not worthy to be followed.

Now lets discuss how beautiful this act is..

Gathering of people at any occasion is always an act which is liked by Allah and his beloved Massanger salllalalhu alahi wasalam. Probably this act has been done on qiyas of that hadith when suhabi Rasool sallalhu alahi wasalam asked holy prophet at an occasion to pray for rain,and from that hadith that hazrat umar radi allahu anhu asked for rain in front of many people at madinah by waseelah of hazrat abass radwanallahuma ajmayeen.

There are ahadith about it gathering and by the help of it:

Narrated by hazrat Ali ibn abi talib radi allahu anhu,

For me its very much important and favorable of  eating within gathering than to go to slave market and help a slave to be released (atargeeb wa tarheeb kitabus sadqaat )

Narrated by sumrah radi allahu anhu :rasoolullullah sallalahu alahi wasalm said:albarkatu fi salasa fil jamat wasureed wa sahoor.

Barkat is in three things: jamat sureed and sahoor

(tabrani in kabeer bayhaqi in shaubul imaan)

In another hadith prophet salllalhu alahi wasalam says: Allah love only that food on which there are many hands( by tabrani and abu yaala)

This is how much Allah like food in gathering

The next act is doing sadqa o niyaz of foodgrains

There are hundreds of ahadith about sadqa but I would like to quote only one hadith

Its reported in kanzul umaal Prophet salllahu alahi wasalam said

Asadqatu tamna o matatas soo (also reported in ahmad)

By sadqa very difficult death ran away

In another hadith prophet sallallahu alahi wasalam said by doing sadqa the 70 types of bhala means the unlikely occasions ran away (rawahu khateeb)

Now lets discuss third act

Preparing food for all is always a social service and above ahadith in the name of gathering have already helped us to know beauties of gathering and preparing food for common people and fuqara

Doing dhikr of Allah is always an act which is hasan and there are many verses of Quran in full and in ahadith which tells us the beauty and barakah in dhikr.

Eating food is and was never an act which is against islam and imaan anywhere. After that this gathering ask an imam to do pray for either to stop rain or to bestow with rain is nevertheless an act of sunnah by Rasoolullah.

Now the question arises if only  making dua is sufficient then why this Sas rus is important?

The answer is that these acts have many barakahs which have been already discussed above and if anybody want to know those barakahs can contact me. I will explain best things about it. This was going through my mind and helped me to answer these so called misguiding people veeri and his followers. If they are true to there knowledge that this is an act of biddah, please give details don’t widespread here and there.


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