Qutubul Aqtaab Owaisi Alhaj Moulana Muhammad Ameen Qureshi Owaisi Kashmiri (Radi allahu anhu)-The most perfect guide

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Peer e Akmal Muhammad Ameen Qureshi Owaisi was born in 1910 A D in a village called Sharda in the district of Karnah.He lost his father during childhood. He had two brothers.He had got from his father a great desire to study and add to his knowledge. But his mother and his brothers did not have any means to support him. At an early age as an orphan and without any means, he travelled to Punjab and admitted himself to one of the several Orphanages and also attended the open classes conducted by the men of learning in and aiound where he lived. He studied the Quran learnt the Arabic and the Persian, and got himself familiar with the literature of Hadith. Then he went to other Darul ulooms of time and mastered the Islamic sciences at a very young age.Soon he went to Amroha, as if following his destiny’ where Peer E Akmal Syed Noor uz Zaman Shah was the principal of the famous school there’.Hazrat Amin sahab was accepted in the school, and as soon as he heard Zaman Shah speaking in a manner as if both the outer and the inner lights of the Knowledge of the Quran were focused on his heart, he felt as though a spaft fell and his whole being was aflame! A close bond developed between them.Hazrat Ameen sahab remained devoted to his newly found master and guide, and Shah sahab became the centre of his love and service. He wanted to remain in Shah sahab’s companY.
Once Shah Sahab had to go to Delhi. Amin sahab accompanied him.Shah sahab brought him to a renowned scholar. He said to Amin sahab that he should spend sometime with that scholar and complete what he had started to learn in Amroha. Having said this,Shah Sahab departed from Delhi. Hardly a week had passed, Amin Sahab could no longer bear separation from Shah sahab, and left Delhi to return to Amroha and join his beloved teacher.On his way to Amroha he stayed in a mosque, and there he felt as though a flood of Iove would burst through his heart. He was frightened. He took away his turban and tore it into several pieces, and tied them to hold together his head, his chest and his arms, and in that state stafted walking towards the home of his beloved, and it was still miles away. He boarded the train, and reached Amroha, and came to Shah Sahab’s house and told him what he had gone through.Shah sahab heard him quietly for some time, and then by raising his voice said to him:
“Go away into the forest nearby and seek solitude”
Obeying. his command, Amin sahab started walking towards the forest. As his state of separation had been affected by meeting Shah sahab, the power of love which that state had provided was reduced, and with that his stre’ngth to bear hunger and physical exertion too was reduced. He also suffered with a certain degree of disquiet that Shah sahab did not even allow him to take rest after his ordeal and nor did he give him some food which he so badly needed. With such haziness of thought and a little confused he entered the forest.He I found there a lonely grave; and a place beside it for prayer. . He somehow settled down, and started to concentrate on some pray-er and zikr but his body was tired, with no energy left. He now felt as though he was going to die. He remembered vaguely the saying , “Die before you die!” Suddenly he became unconscious and left the consciousness of this world. A new world rose before him, or he rose in a new world. lt was a world full of light not blinding light, but light as the air and the atmosphere of that world. Everything therein was lighted, each grain as though a part of some great sun.In that Light (alam noorani) he saw Uways Qarni, and he saw the Apostle of God who said to him:
“Now you have reached the end of your journey, now your wilayah is perfect, go to your teacher and remain with him!
As he got up from his unconscious state and re-entered the physical world, it was the late morning of the following day, he made haste to reach Shah sahab who welcomed him and made him rest and eat light food first to accustom his body to function properly.
Amin Sahab never left the side of Shah sahab until he fell ill in 1342 H. As days passed his illness became more serious. Amin sahab looked after him’ nursed him’ and sat beside him in contemplation and prayerfulness.One night when no one else was aroundShah sahab called Amin sahab and said:
“o Kashmiri ! Take out your shirt:”
Amin Sahib took out his shirt.Then Shah sahab took out his shirt and made Amin sahab wear it. Then he said to him:
” From this moment your outer and inner knowledge is completed, go out into the world, and spread the light that has been given to you”.
Shah sahab finished his work in the outer world on 28 Shawwal, Monday, 1342.
Peer e Akmal Muhammad Amin Sahab decided to leave and started for his native place, Sharda in the district of Karnah.On his way he passed through a village.There he met a man who called himself Arsalan Khan who insisted that Amin Sahib should stay in his house. When he entered his house, he came across a strange sight. A fakir who was dying was looking at the entrance of the house. As soon as he saw Amin Sahib, his face brightened. Amin Sahib sat down beside him. The Fakir said that he was waiting for him that he would perform his funeral rite. Then he whispered something into Amin Sahib’s ear, and passed awav. Arsalan Khan having seen this, fell on his knees and begged Peer e Akmal that he accepted him as his servant and disciple. Peer e Akmal said: Arsalan Khan ! What made you think that I am one of those fakirs who make disciples as they go along the way? I am just a child.But Arsalan Khan insisted and said that the fakir who died had told him that unless another fakir turned up in the village he would not die.Peer e Akmal took his hand into his. He gave him the oath of allegiance. He was the first disciple of Muhammad Amin sahab who entered into Uwaysi Circle.
During one of his journeys in Kashmir he was passing through the district of Sopore where a man who called himself Abdul Karim Zargar met him and took him to his house to offer hospitality.It was a mansion, there were many others there. The hallwas richly decorated, and there was an elevated and well-decorated platform. The host insisted that Amin Sahib should sit on that elevated seat and he would sit at his feet. After food and as the guests settled down, Abdul Karim Zargar presented to Amin Sahib an offering of some sweets and a woollen shawl, and requested to make him his servant and disciple. Amin Sahib accepted him, taught him several levels of gnosis leading ultimately to the apprehension of the Divine Essence.
After leaving Abdul Karim, Peer e Akmal Amin Sahib travelled to several places in the region, was reunited with his family, and settled down in Kashira Kupwara Kashmir. He had land and he was now prosperous. Free from the worries of the world he could devote himself to the cause for which he was made.
He had many other disciplea who had reached great levels of self-realization through the tutelage of Peer e Akmal.Some of them were allowed to bring the seekers into the Presence of the Prophet and have his Vision.
Al Haj Muhammad Amin Kashmiri Uwaysi Qadri Naqshbandi passed away on 17 March 1969 in the night at 9.55 (17 Zil haj 1388H). ‘We are of Allah and unto Allah we return”.
He was like a star guiding so many. He may be considered as a Perfect Wali who created a large following, not just a crowd but highly disciplined and enlightened group to bring the people on the Uwaysi path.
*Even today many true seekers are guided by his followers.Apart from this any seeker who visits their Shrine gets guided by them.I suggest every true seeker to go and visit their Shrine and rest keep it to them.
(sallallahu alaihe wasallam wa radi allahu annum ajmaeen)
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