Tijani Saying

Posted: February 8, 2015 by kashmirsufis in Sayings

al-Qutb al-Maktūm Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijanī [d.1815] said in al-Jawāhir al-Ma’ānī: ‘Whosoever imagines that all of his ﷺ support for his community came to end with his death ﷺ, as in the case of other dead men, he is ignorant of the Prophet’s rank ﷺ. He is guilty of treating him indecently and he is therefore in danger of dying as an unbeliever if he does not repent of his deluded conviction.
Shaykh al-Islām Ibrahim bin Abdullāhi Niasse [d.1975] in his Kashif al-ilbās.
The reason why the Shaykh of the Path of Sūfī initiation have to be listed in this way is because it is a matter of transmission, and transmission requires a chain. This Path of ours is a matter of guidance. Allāh might also draw someone to Himself without the means of any master; and He might grace him with a direct meeting with the Messenger of Allāh.
It is said that Shaykh ‘And al-Rahīm al-Qanā’ī used to say, ‘I took from no one but the Messenger of Allāh.’ If Allāh wishes to grace His servant, He allows him to take directly from him ﷺ – and what a perfect grace this is! Shaykh Makīn al-Dīn al-Asmar said to me, ‘No one gave me spiritual instruction except the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ.’ If Allah wishes to grace His servant and suffice him of need for any human masters, so that he does not take from any of them, He can do so.
Shaykh Ibn ‘Ata’illāh al-Sakandarī [d.1303] in his Latā’if al-Minan.
Quoted by Imām Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūtī [d.1505] in his Sublime Truth of the Shādhilī Path traslated by Khalid Williams.


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