Clarification of Mawdu Hadith ‘Allah cannot fit in heavens or Earth but in heart of a Mumin.’ by Ruhan Madni Naqash

Posted: February 28, 2015 by 786rafiq786 in Uncategorized

This is not a hadith from the Prophet alyhi salam.

The only similar “hadith” with an acceptable chain is from Wahb bin Munabbih in Kitaab az Zuhd of Imam Ahmad. and it is from his Israaili`aat.

There is another hadith which is similar to it :-

“Allah has vessels from among the people of the earth, and the vessels of ur Lord are the hearts of the righteous servants; the most beloved of those vessels to Him are those which are the softest and purest.”

This hadith is recorded in Musnad ash Shamiyin and Mu`ajam al Kabeer of Tabaraani and its chain was declared Hasan by Imam Haythami. Imam Munaawi mentions in his Fayd al Qadeer that Imam Iraqi has said “this chain has Buqayyah bin Makhlad in it and he is a Mudallis, but here he hasnt done tadlees”.

I (ruhan) say: I checked the hadith in Musnad ash Shaamiyin of Tabarani and he performs Tadlees there; but in the same Sanad of Mu`ajam al Kabeer of Tabarani he doesnt perform Tadlees. Thus Haafidh Iraaqi called this Sanad “Jayyid” (strong) and so did his student Imam Haythami. Even the Salafi Shaykh Nasir al Albani has declared it Sahih in his Silsilah Ahadith as Saheeha. 

Imam Munawi has explained this hadith beautifully in his Fayd al Qadeer and one should read it from there too. Allah knows the best


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