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In response of my article;Soch Kral, an Iconic sufi poet who connected the people with their language and culture.
Appeared in the global edition of Kashmir thunder on 25/06/20 Shaida Pampori,admn of various sufism groups ,a versatile and prolific sufi scholar of Pampore reviews.
“I have heard from Edlers that the poet of Kashmir Mahjoor had a deep attachment with Allama Iqbal ,may Allah have mercy on him.Their Correspondence was going on. Meanwhile, when Iqbal (may Allah have mercy on him) came to Kashmir, the poet of Kashmir Mahjoor was also informed and both of them visited Nishat Bagh. After salam and dua, the poet of Kashmir Mahjoor asked, “Sir, you have written a glorious poem ,Shikwa and jawab e shikhwa . Show me too the copy of the lovely poem.Since Iqbal (may Allah have mercy on him) had his book with him .The poet of Kashmir Mahjoor read the glorious poem ,Shikwa and jiwab e shikwa.Though the poet of Kashmir was a resident of Pulwama, he asked Iqbal (may Allah have mercy on him) that there was an illiterate poet named Soch Kral (may Allah have mercy on him) who belonged to a simple potter family in his area. He too had written Shikwa and Jawab e shikhwa in his mother tongue,kashmiri,
Iqbal (may Allah have mercy on him) asked, “tell me too.” The poet of Kashmir Mahjoor translated and recited all the words,of the glorious poem of Soch kral. Tears began to roll down from the checks of Alama Iqbal He asked the poet of Kashmir,Mahjoor “Is this poet alive?” The Kashmiri poet Mahjoor said, “No, sir, he´s been a long time ago.” Iqbal said, “If you had already mentioned it, I would not have written my Shikwa and Jawab e shikhwa , because my Shikwa and Jiwab e shikhwa is nothing as compared to Soch Kral´s glorious poem”
It is clear from the words of Sach Karal (may Allah have mercy on him) that he is a spiritual elder, Arif-e-Kamil, Faqir-e-Khuda-e-Allah. That Iqbal Alayh (may Allah have mercy on him) came barefoot from time immemorial and went to the mausoleum of Sachh Karal (may Allah have mercy on him) and kissed his grave and stayed there for a long time”.

Let´s read the glorious poem of Soch Kral .OR Sikhwa and Jiwab e shikwa of Soch Kral RA.I translated it in english with utmost care.

Dapyomas baliyaras yaer laagav,
I told my beloved, let’s be friends
taym dopnam bozwun chus kon laagav,
He said, I keep hearing this, so let’s try
dapyomas boznavtam chus ba banday,
I said, tell me, I am also my own person
taym dopnam boozmyit gayi sharmanday,
He said, the ones who heard, were mortified
dapyomas myati baavtam panun asun,
I said, show me/ let me feel (in front of you) my self as well
taym dopnam paen panas khur chu kaasun,
He said, your scruples need to be resolved by the self
dapyomas kya chu andar kya chu nyabar,
I said, what is it that lies inside and what lies outside
taym dopnam yi chu andar ti chu nyabar,
He said, whatever is inside is outside
dapyomas nokhta os na ta aav katay,
I said, wasn’t it a dot, where did (all this) come from
taym dopnam pokhta sapdakh aashq watay,
He said, you’ll become enlightened on the path of love
dapyomas mokhta aashqun vaav na myate,
I said, why don’t you sow the seed (pearl) of love in me
taym dopnam vavatay chi thavakh katey,
He said, I would’ve sown, but where will you keep it?
dapyomas yeech kya chay pokhta giri,
I said, what is this fancy enlightenment that you have
taym dopnam karvun chus dastagiri,
He said, I’m used to blessing (others)
dapyomas chuk cha kuney la shareek,
I said, you’re one, alone (without a partner)
taym dopnam tamichi chay myaen tareek,
He said, that’s what my style is made of
dapyomas ath tareekas hymay zaagay,
I said, of this style, I’ll be wary (and keep note)
taym dopnam harna chashman saurma laagav,
He said, I’ll put kohl in your deer eyes
dapyomas saurma lagith kya chu banaan,
I said, what does putting in kohl achieve?
taym dopnam poz ti apuz ada chu nanaan,
He said, that’s how you will see the truth and lie
dapyomas jama kath kith chu rangaan,
I said, why are you dyeing your clothes?
taym dopnam rangavyin chusa kainsi mangaan,
He said, do I charge you anything for the colours?
dapyomas rangavyin kona chuk chi mangaan,
I said, why don’t you charge for the colours?
taym dopnam phalavith cham haara pyavaan,
He said, I’ll get the money in piece-meal
dapyomas jaama vozil chi che paanas,
I said, you’ve red clothes on your self
taym dopnam vih kamik chi la makaanas,
He said, what (varied) forms does your self have?
dapyomas kanh chu aabaad kanh chu varaan,
I said, someone is ensconced, while someone is desolate
taym dopnam tami saeth cham kaem neraan,
He said, that’s how I’m able to get my work done
dapyomas kona chuk parvaay melaan,
I said, why don’t you care about it?
taym dopnam chus ba parvayas ta gindaan,
He said, I play with the care as well.
Vanaan Soch Kral Alif-as ma chi bandi,
Says Soch Kral, there is no restraint for compassion (of God)
Vuchaan ghas Khuda saebainy Khuda-vandi,
Keep observing the the greatness of Khuda.

If Alama Iqbal RA took the theme from Pradise lost and paradise regained of John Milton where Soch kral RA took the theme?

As we know Shikwa is the most famous poem of Dr. Iqbal. There are two parts of this poem named “Shikwa” and “Jawab-e-Shikwa”. Main theme of these two poems is taken from the famous poems of John Milton named “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained”.
Dr. Iqbal used wonderful Urdu vocabulary in this poem and highlighted achievements of Muslims. In Shikwa, he played an oppressed and frustrated Muslim who is being complaining to Allah Almighty. In its second part, he assumed if Allmighty Lord Himself is addressing to this complaining Muslim and answering to his protest. Unfortunately, instead of getting some point out of this wonderful work, some rigid and narrow minded so called Muslim scholars of that era declared Dr. Iqbal a rebellious minded person who is being disrespectful to God. But in the long run, this poem proved its worth and it is still applicable for the whole Muslim world even today.

شیداؔ پانپوری
میں نے بزرگوں سے سنا ھے کہ شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور کو علامہ اقبال علیہ رحمہ سے گہری وابستگی تھی خط و کتابت جاری تھا اسی اثنا میں اقبال علیہ رحمہ کشمیر آیا تو شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور کو بھی اطلاع ملی اور دونوں نشاط باغ میں تشریف لے گئے، سلام و دعاء کے بعد شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور نے پوچھا جناب آپ نے شکوه جوابِ شکوه لکھا ھے ذرا مجھے بھی دکھاو چونکہ اقبال علیہ رحمہ کو اپنی کتاب ساتھ ھی تھی تو شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور نے شکوه جوابِ شکوه پڑھ لیا
چونکہ شاعرِ کشمیر مہجوٗر علاقۂ پلوامہ کے ھی رھنے والے تھے تو اس نے اقبال علیہ رحمہ سے عرض کیا کہ حضور یہاں میرے علاقے میں بھی سیدھا سادہ کمہار گھرانے سے تعلق رکھنے والا ایک ان پڑھ شاعر سۆچھ کرال علیہ رحمہ نام کا ھے جس نے اپنی زبان میں شکوه جوابِ شکوه لکھا ھے
اقبال علیہ رحمہ نے پوچھا ذرا مجھے بھی سناو تو شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور نے ترجمہ کرکے سب کلام سنایا مگر اقبال کے آنکھوں میں آنسو آگئے تو شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور سے کہنے لگے کہ کیا یہ شاعر زندہ ھے؟ شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور نے کہا نہیں جناب اسکو کافی عرصہ گذر چکا ھے تو اقبال کہنے لگے اگر اسکا ذکر آپ نے پہلے ھی کیا ھوتا تو میں یہ شکوه جوابِ شکوه نہیں لکھتا کیونکہ میرا شکوه جوابِ شکوه اسکے مقابلے میں هیچ ھے
سۆچھ کرال علیہ رحمہ کے کلام سے پتہ چلتا ھے کہ وہ روحانی بزرگ، عارفِ کامل، فقیرِ خدا بزرگ ھوے ھیں تو اقبال علیہ رحمہ شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور سے کہنے لگے کہ اُٹھو مجھے اسکا مقبرہ دکھاو تو دونوں نکل کر ایندر گاؤں میں پہنچے، سنا ھے کہ اقبال علیہ رحمہ دور سے ھی ننگے پاؤں آۓ اور سۆچھ کرال علیہ رحمہ کے مزار پر جاکر انکی قبر کو بوسہ دیکر محویت میں کافی دیر رھے تو شاعرِ کشمیر مہجور بھی سۆچھ صاحب علیہ رحمہ کی حقیقت کو سمجھنے لگے
Khursheed Dar is a sufi scholar of north kashmir and can be reached at Khursheed .dar33@gmail.com

Allama Iqbal rehmatullahealayh
Mahjoor sahb
Shaida pampori sahb
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