Online Books(updated)

1) Resala-e-Darweshya(urdu):By Shahi Hamdan
2) RESALA-E-HAMDANIYA(urdu): By Shahi Hamdan
3) minhajul aarifeen urdu :By Shahi Hamdan
4) sayings_of_sheikh_noor-ud-din_wali_2012_7
5) AQABAT(urdu) by Shahi Hamdan
6) MIRAT-UL TABEEN(urdu) by Shahi Hamdan
7) AuliyaEKashmir

8) auradi fatiyah eik roohani tohfah

9)letters(MAKTUBAAT) oF ameere kabeer Mir Syed ALI HAMDANI

10) Almawadah fil qurba by Ameere Kabeer about Ahlul Bayat Alayhesalam

11)RozaTul Firdous by Ameere Kabeer 

12) ZAKHIRATUL MULUK by Shahi Hamadan

13) Masharib by Shahi Hamadan

14)sabaeen by Shahi Hamadan

15) Asnadhuliya by shahi hamadan

16)asarsha bb shahi hamadan

17) DehQaida by shahi hamadan

18) azkar by shahi hamadan

19) chihal_moqam by shahi hamadan

20) Wirdul Murideen of BabaDawood  Khaki (q) with English Translation 1539852998694

21) Khatmaatul Muazzemaat Kashmir1540431277534.jpg

22)Dargah Hazratbal History90d19359a36979e74a97703efa77d4c2.jpg


  1. Sajad says:

    Jazakallah, i was searching for them and last found here thank you.

  2. butt showket says:


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